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Kara Ahmed Pasha (Topkapi) Mosque


Kara Ahmet Pasha (Topkapı) Mosque: Dated 1558, Kara Ahmed Pasha Mosque, in Topkapı Street at Arpa Emini Slope, is 19.3 x 26.3 m dimension. Lighted by 80 windows, the mosque is unique in İstanbul with its beautiful ceramic tiles at the entrance; 16th century penmanship of the müezzin mahfel; and its timber ceiling. The complex was restored by Aydınbeyzade Hasan Ağa in 1696. After the 1894 earthquake, the collapsed dome and other buildings in the complex were restored within two years. Grand Vizier Ahmed Pasha, killed in 1555, was buried in this tomb, which was built by Sinan the Architect in 1559. The elementary School is a single storey building with dimensions 7.6 x 14.7 m with a playground. Although it has lost its features, the elementary School is still one of the best conserved buildings in the complex. The small mosque, built by Kara Ahmed Pasha’s wife Fatma Sultan, can be seen a little forward from the mosque. The madrasah, with 16 rooms and a classroom, must have built about 1560. The fountain, in the courtyard, lost its features as a result of being restored.